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Have a website for your business, Let your customers find you online. Boost your brand and sales with our web design services


About Our Web Design Company

We have worked with various business types and helped them in launching there brand online with our web development service and digital marketing. We at SEOBOAST helps you launch a website based on Business service, Ecommerce Store, Blog website or Software based website.

We have website clients from all across the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah & Ajman). Scroll down to know more about our website development services.

Our Website Development Service Includes

Top feature we add to clients site

1- Beautiful Design

Our website design will be eye-catching for your customers.

2- Responsive

The website will be accessible on all devices (Mobile, PC, & Tab).

3- Site Structure

Easy and user friendly site structure. 

4- SEO Optimized

Our experts will optimize On-Site SEO, so you can rank on search engines.

5- Site Speed

Your website speed will be under 2sec, which is good for user interaction.

6- Copywriting

Our writers will optimize your site by converting content writing.

Types of Websites We Make in Our Agency

Business Website

A business website helps your company showcase your products or services on the site. Businesses that have websites tend to have more sales and leads than who don’t.

We in our web design service present the best possible business website templates, So the client can choose wisely. Our designers make the best user experience website so that your customers online love to explore them on their devices.


Ecommerce Website

Do you have a physical store where you sell products.? If yes, you can increase your sales by 70% more by launching an E-commerce site where all your products will be listed with the intent to be purchased by customers.

We build an Ecommerce website after knowing what types of products the client has.

The charges for an Ecommerce website are always high because it comes with a lot of product categories and pages. But don’t worry our pricing always will statisfy you. 

Software / SAAS Based Site

Do you want us to make software or a tool-based site such (as a research tool, gaming tool, flight booking, hotel booking, SEO tool, map, AI tool, social media tool, etc)?

If yes, let our expert web designer make it for you according to your need.

We’ll prepare an easy and beautiful layout for your software site where you can sell your subscription easily to your customer on a monthly or yearly basis.


Blog Based Website

Some businesses only want to promote their article, news, and blogs to reach their audience. Blog owner earns from ads monetization or affiliate links. So we can call blogging a business.

In Blog website building, we provide website layout, necessary elements, and widgets for blogging and article writing.

More Specific Web Development Services


Site Speed Optimization

Increase your user experience with less loading website, increase sales & leads.


Technical Issues

Let us find and fix your site issue which causing your site server down or making the site in accessible.


Website Maintainence

We do maintain and update clients’ sites on a monthly or yearly basis.


Article Writing

We have top-notch content writers to publish handwritten content for your website on the given topic.


Payment Gateway

Integrate a payment gateway for your site to accept payments online with VISA & MasterCard.


Hosting & Domain

Don’t have hosting or domain.? Let us do the setup for your business.


Email Integration

Integrate your professional emails with your site. for example name@domain.com.


Recover From Hack

Your site got hacked.? don’t worry we can get it fixed also we’ll recover your Google lost rankings.

Detailed Video On Our Web Design Services

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Our Top Services

Other services we provide apart from web development


Rank your website with our SEO service.

Digital Marketing

Increase your sales & branding with digital marketing.

Graphic Design

Let us create a stunning canvas for your business.

Lead Generation

Struggling for generating business leads.? Lets us help you.

PPC Management

We’ll run profitable and effective Google / Bing Ads campaigns for your business.

App Development

Transform your business into an Android or IOS app, so your customer keep your business installed on there mobile

1- What is a CMS.?

CMS full form is a content management system by which a user can manage & customize their site easily.

Top CMS :

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Blogger
  • Opencart
  • Abante
  • and more.

2- What does mean by scratch website.?

Scratch website is built with raw coding of HTML, CSS, Javascript & PHP.

It depends on the client’s requirement of which type of website they want CMS-based or scratch build. But a scratch website will be more expensive than a CMS based.

3- Can I turn my website into an app later.?

It depends on you, whether you want to use third-party software to convert your site into an app. Or you can use our service.

4- How many type of websites are their.?

There are 4 types of websites:

1- Business based

2- Ecommerce

3- Blog for articles


5- Can I track users interactions on site.?

Yes, our developer will set up analytics software on your site and will teach you how to extract the reports.

So you will know what’s going on with your customer behavior on the site.

6- What is hosting & Domain.?

If you want to make your website live online, hosting is required. Hosting is where your website files are placed in HTML, CSS, JS & PHP. To access those files from the browser, a domain is required, 

The domain is connected with the hosting IP. So when you make a request from the browser to a specific domain. Domain fetches the IP of your hosting to make your website files accessible.

7- How can I track user data on my site.?

We not only build a website for you but also, we’ll set up every necessary thing a website should have. For tracking user data from the website we will set up analytics software on your site to keep track of your daily visits, time on site, bounce rate, top pages, source of traffic, demographics, etc.

8- What charge SEOBOAST provide to Dubai clients.?

Our website development service charge starts from 500AED in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, AL Ain, Sharjah & Ajman). But the charge completely depends on the complexity of the website layout that the client wants for example for e-commerce we charge a minimum of 1500AED for setup because of its end number of pages and products.

9- Which are the best web design agencies in Dubai or all over in UAE.?

There are many web design agencies in UAE but the most popular ones are:

  • Element8
  • Digitalgravity
  • Dubaiwebsitedesign.ae

Make sure before choosing a website development agency to know about their policies and the time frame of providing the website layout.

10- Do we optimize the client website with SEO.?

Yes, we do optimize clients’ websites with basic search engine optimization. But if clients want us to rank their website in search engines like Google & Bing. They can hire us as an SEO service provider in which we’ll rank their site in a given period of time.

11- How can I provide SEOBOAST team the website design i want.?

If your website design is too complicated to explain, you can let your photo designer make a PSD file in which you can explain the wireframe & structure of the site, and with the help of that wireframe our developer can develop it.

12- What is payment gateway on Website.?

A payment gateway is where you collect payments from within your website in the form of a VISA or MASTERCARD. A payment gateway is a must for most sites such as E-commerce or Subscription-based. We provide free payment gateway integration with an ecommerce web design package.

13- Does our web development service provide content writing included on site.?

It depends, if you have content then we can place that on your site, or if you want our content writers to write fresh and SEO-optimized content we can do that on a small charge.

14- How can I proceed with SEOBOAST Website Design Service.?

First of all, we need confirmation on the website layout from the client side, once confirmed we’ll make a short contract in which the policies, advance fee, and time period, will be mentioned. And this contract will be signed by both parties.

15- Can I get free website design consultation.?

Yes, we do provide free consultation online on zoom or Google meets. and also we do provide by face to face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah and Ajman.