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About Our SEO Company

SEOBOAST launched in 2019 and found growth in the year 2020 When the pandemic hits. The demand for SEO and digital marketing services was on hike at that time due to physical businesses being closed and online being more focused instead.

Our SEO agency has clients from all over the UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah & Ajman. Our search engine optimization company has helped many businesses gain online visibility from top search engines like Google & Bing by developing websites and ranking them. 

Check below, how we rank our client’s site in search engines.

Our SEO Ranking Process

This is how we take steps to provide successful SEO service to clients

1- Site Audit

First of all, we’ll audit your site for SEO ranking factors & issues.

2- Keyword Research

We’ll research profitable keywords for your site and implement them on the page.

3- Technical SEO

Fixing all the technical issues your site has.

4- On Page SEO

We’ll do our best On-Page strategy for your web page according to SEO factors.

5- Site Promotion

Our team promotes your site by outreaching out to big authority sites.

6- Measuring Success

Once your keyword start ranking we will try to optimize for more opportunities.

Our Search Engine Optimization Service Includes:

International SEO

With international SEO, we help companies rank worldwide with their desired keywords. Though we make multi-language sites if required by demand of SEO difficulty.

International SEO has the highest search volume as compared to local SEO.


Local SEO

In local SEO, we only rank client sites by country or city level. Local SEO comes in two ways:

Google map optimization: GMB covers 30% of visibilty when Google shows it in search results. So we make sure you’re everywhere when your customer search.

Local Website SEO: In this we do optimize your website for local keywords and local ranking factors.

YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second most visited site after Google. YouTube is a search engine in itself.

It has 2.1 Billion monthly active users from around the globe. So if your company got a channel on it and facing issues getting views and subscribers for your channel, You can have our YouTube SEO service.

Let us help you grow your channel organically by optimizing your YouTube with SEO strategy to beat the first position in your targeted keywords for example (recipe, vlog, review, how to, what is, etc).

One more benefit of video SEO is that along with YouTube SEO, google will also show your video in its search engine results and this way you’ll get clicks from there too.


App Store SEO

Do you have any app on Play Store or app store which doesn’t get installs.? If yes, let us help you with Play Store SEO. We’ll make your app optimized in Play Store so that your audience can find it by searching the keyword on which your app is built.

For example: (game, education, player, business, or social app).

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Our Main Expertise

We have range of digital marketing services to help new & running businesses grow

Social Media Marketing

Reach your audience across trending platforms like FB, Insta, Snap, Reddit & Tiktok.

PPC Management

Get sales & leads from Google & Bing ads, whether it’s a corporate or e-commerce business.

Business Website

Let your customers find your services online with your stunning website.

E-commerce Website

Facing issue in generating your store sales.? Let our team help you in growing your online store

Lead Generation

Looking to just generate some quality leads for your business, choose our lead gen service

Graphic Design

Images & videos are the ways to talk with customers online. Hire us for attractive poster designing

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More SEO Related Services

Specific services, we provide for web owners.


Site Speed Optimization

Nobody likes slow website, also you’ll lose sales & leads. So we’ll help you optimize speed along with (Core Web Vitals)


Article Writing

Our Article writing service will help your audience get engaged on your website. Just say us the topic and we’ll do the rest


Algorithm Penalty Remove

Did your site ranking dropped or disappeared, if yes, lets us diagnose the issue and fix it


Recovery From Hacked Site

If your site contains any malware or injected files, its impact on your SEO. Let us help you in deleting spam and malware from your site



Get your site link to hundreds of high DA websites with our backlink building service


SEO Consultation

Do you feel, your SEO strategy is not giving outcome, you can have 20 minutes free consultation from our experts


Questions ask by most our clients

What is SEO & SEO Services.?

Before knowing what is SEO service, Let me explain to you what is SEO first. SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of ranking your website on top search engines like (Google & Bing).

Ranking on search engines needs strategies that we have to implement according to search engine policies.

What is SEO Services.?

SEO services are the services an agency provides to clients or businesses to increase the visibility of their site on search engines. SEO agencies charge a certain fee to the client for optimizing the site for search engines.

Is Ranking for SEO in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Difficult.?

It depends on the keyword or business industry you’re trying to rank in Dubai. or in UAE. Although, SEO competition is high in Dubai as compared to other UAE cities.

How Do We Track SEO Results.?

Tracking SEO results depends on the client which KPIs they use for a successful campaign. Because every business has its own rules for tracking success. But mostly SEO results are dependent on SERPs position, number of quality leads & sales driven by SEO strategy.

Which Are The Other Best SEO Agencies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.?

There are lot of SEO companies in UAE. So before choosing any company client have the authority to ask, the SEO package pricings, SEO ranking period in months. Some of best SEO companies in Dubai & UAE are:


What is Local SEO.?

Local refers to the city or country you’re living in, and local SEO is for ranking your website for specific keywords like (Your Service + city name) or (Your Service + Near Me) related terms.

Local SEO Comes in 2 Ways:

  • Google Map Pack Optimisation
  • Website Optimising For Local language & locally based keywords

What is Technical SEO.?

Technical SEO contains site overall optimization. Which includes (SSL, Site speed, Html, CSS & Javascript files optimization, robot tags, and Site Structure, etc).

What Are Keywords.?

Keywords are in the form of words and phrases that you search in search engines (Google / Bing).

For instance, if you’re searching “BUY SHOES” in Google, the phrase “BUY SHOES” is a keyword.

For your website, we’ll find profitable keywords which will help your business grow.

How long it will take us to rank a keyword.?

Depends on keyword difficulty. Once you provide us your keyword list on which you want to rank, We can give you the estimated time-to-rank period. For example: 2 months exact or 2 months minimum.

How Much Traffic I Can Expect after Ranking on First Position.?

Traffic is completely depends on the keyword you want rank whether its local or international keyword. Every keyword has it own volume according to Google Keywords Planner. Some have millions and some have thousands monthly searches.

What Are The Pricing's of Our SEO Services.?

Our SEO service pricing starts from 1.5K AED / month for locally based sites. And for international SEO we charge 2.5k AED / month.

How SEOBOAST Charge For SEO Service.?

SEOBOAST charge on a monthly based contract. We do take 50% before starting the project and 50% at the month’s end. We do also charge by fixed one-time project completion. 

Can I Get Free SEO Consultation From SEOBOAST.?

Yes, We do provide free SEO consultation guidance to every business. Our free consultation is valued at 1000AED.

Benefits of Hiring A SEO Agency.?

There are a lot of benefits of hiring an SEO agency over a full-time employee:

  1. Working with SEO experts.
  2. Guaranteed SEO results or get a refund.
  3. Limited-time project.
  4. Get optimization maintenance every 4 months after the successful completion of the SEO project.

Is your search engine optimization is long-term valid.?

Yes, in SEOBOAST we treat client business as our own business. We do white hat SEO which will benefit you in the long term and prevents from upcoming algorithm penalty.

What is Linkbuilding in SEO.?

Link building is the process of building backlinks for your sites from other websites or domains.

Backlinks are the second most important SEO ranking factor according to Google. So making backlinks on relevant sites will boost your site authority and traffic.

SEO vs PPC, Which one I choose.?

Both are equally the same, but PPC (pay per click) will get you instant results as you pay for ads on Google.

While SEO (search engine optimization) is a free marketing captures 70% of search traffic.

But it takes time to get ranked on Google first page.

Why Does SEOBOAST Provide SEO Tools.?

We provide SEO and Online tools for all users who want to optimize and rank their websites on search engines by themself. So our tools comes in play.

Seoboast provides different types of online tools, to view all please go here: Small SEO Tools