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Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business Growth

Increase your sales, leads and branding across UAE or around the globe

Intro About Our Digital Marketing Company

We at SEOBOAST make sure for clients to get their business on top of all digital media assets. We provide marketing services worldwide and more specifically to UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, and Ajman).

Our digital marketing campaign has success of 80% to 90%. And we do refund the management fee if the campaign was unsuccessful. We have helped many companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi to grow their sales and leads with our online marketing services. 

Marketing Tweaks We Do


We make sure that your website gets more sales and leads by optimizing for conversion rate

A/B Testing

Our team test different varients of your marketing assets to finding winning campaign

Sales Funnel

Optimizing for funnel based marketing is must ti reach every stage of customer journey

Reduced Cost

We optimize your digital ad campaign for better ROAS to achieve profit by 70%

Engaging Content

Our team make sure to promote different types of marketing angles to trigger user emothers


We’ll put your company on top of every digital asset so your customers can reach you

Things We Do in Our Marketing Agency


With SEO (search engine optimization) you can expect end funnel customers those who converts easily. This is because your customer search there need in Google and reaches you if they find your website on top position.

SEO is a difficult task and can take minimum of 3 months to rank on search engine but it gives long-lasting organic users. Learn more about what is SEO.

Better For : B2B and B2C 

PPC Management

PPC (pay-per-click) is the cost model of Google & Bing Ads. As they charge advertisers on per ad click event.

We provide Google advertising management on monthly basis to clients. We make sure your business gets more sales and leads while spending less.

Google ads contains 5 types of campaign objectives (Search ads, Map ads, Youtube Ads, Display banner ads, and shopping ads).

Scroll down to know more about PPC management service charge. 

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

We can’t neglect social media platforms as they contain billions of active users on their platform. Most popular social media platforms we suggest to our clients are : (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok and Pinterest).

Each platform has its own set of audience with demographics. So according clients business we suggest which platform to use as marketing for example if you have a restuarent business we will suggest you instagram and snapchat as because these two platforms have users with interest in food, and exiciting events.

In our social media management service we provide ads management, page branding, followers increament, and content publishing in form of poster, videos and blogs.



Website Development

Website is an important part of digital marketing, it’s treated as an digital business unlike your physical shop where people can enquire and buy your products or service. 

Before planning in digital marketing service for you, we check if the client have website or not and if they already have one we may suggest them if necessary edits are there.

Because wrong content, slow loading website, bad images, less call to action and bad website structure will have bad impact on user expirence along with bad conversion rate.

You can check our website design service page for more details.

Bulk Marketing

Bulk marketing is also very important for business branding hence its sometimes annoying for some peoples but its works for generating leads and sales if done in right way.

We provide bulk marketing service in form of cold email automation, SMS marketing and Whatsapp bulk messages. 

We have huge database of emails and phone numbers. These data includes every type of customers.

Sponsored Posting

Sponsored posting is lil expensive but in effective. Paid posting is where we pay celebrities or influncer to post our brand / product on their social profiles.

We have partnered with top celebrities and influencer which help our client business grow rapidly.

The sponsored posting results are instant for example if a celebrities post your company on their profile you may see sales and leads right away.


Many digital marketing companies doesn’t provide telemarketing service in there agency which is not a complete online marketing solution but SEOBOAST got you covered.

In telemarketing, we do cold calling, contacting your clients so convert, and providing business support.

Long story short, in telemarketing we convert leads into sales with our specilized calling team.

Branding & Reach Campaign

Branding and reach is the first step in sales funnel where you let your customers you about your brand.

Many companies just focus on branding as standalone promotion. In our branding service you company gets promoted on networks which covers 100% of the internet traffic.

We run campaign in the form of YouTube reach, App installs, Page likes, Contextual ads, Native ads, and Banner ads placement on top websites like Khaleej new, Gulf news, Dubizzel and many more. 

Lead Generation

Lead generation is fun part in our digital marketing agency, because we make it simple and easy for client to acquire leads through online channels. 

In lead generation service we make special landing pages with optimized CRO, Multiple CTA buttons, and Sales funnel optimized.

We run ad campaigns on different social and search engine platforms so the clients get business leads in form of Whatsapp messages, Form submission, and calls.

Let Us Be Your Partner in Business Growth

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Specific Digital Marketing Services

Likes & Followers

We provide real followers and like service for all social platforms.

Article Writing

Let our expert content writers write for your websites and blogs.

Graphic Design

We make proffesional social media design in form of posters, videos and inforgraphics.

Digital Marketing Consultation

Get free online business growth consultation from our marketers.

Outdoor Marketing

We have outdoor marketers those who can meet your clients, customers from door to door and close deals.

App Marketing

Let SEOBOAST help your business app get installs and in get in app lead or purchase actions.


1- What is Digital Marketing.?

Digital marketing is the type of marketing that an individual or agency performs to increase business growth.

Online marketing is the version of traditional marketing and is more effective. The power of digital marketing is that it can help you get sales and leads even if your business is located in a faraway jungle.

Digital marketing includes:

  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Social media
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Graphic Designing
  6. Website Design
  7. Branding
  8. Email Marketing

2- What is advertising cost.?

Advertising cost is the cost an advertiser plan to spend on a monthly or daily basis on digital campaign in Google ads, Social media and and other ad networks.

Our digital marketers suggest to clients on budgeting how much is required to get effective and fast results.

3- How can I have marketing consultation.?

We provide one on one online marketing on Zoom or Google meets. And also we do provide face to face meetings in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, AL Ain, Sharjah And Ajman.

4- What KPIs will be used by our digital marketing agency.?

KPIs (key performance indicators) are the metrics a business uses to measure its success in marketing. KPIs depend completely on the type of business.

For example, an e-commerce business will focus on the number of sales, add to cart, returning customer sales, etc.

So it’s on business owners to set the type of KPI for their business growth.

Most popular KPIs online are:

  • CTR (click-through rate)
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site
  • Abandoned Cart or Form
  • Conversion Rate

5- Which Industries SEOBOAST is expert in.?

We have been working globally and in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah) for various types of business niches and models from B2B to B2C.

And the main industries we’re experts in are:

  • Education
  • Real estate
  • E-commerce
  • Banking & Loan
  • Lawyer
  • Medical
  • Groceries
  • Gaming
  • IT Company
  • SPA

6- What is the management fee SEOBOAST charge for digital marketing.?

Our complete digital marketing package starts from 2.5AED / Monthly. And while individual or specific can cost:

  • SEO: 800AED
  • PPC: 800AED
  • SMM: 800AED
  • Bulk Marketing: 300AED
  • Branding: 600AED
  • Lead Gen: 1000AED
  • Sponsored Posting: Depends on the celebrity account but minimum is 5K AED 

7- What is the minimum digital marketing contract SEOBOAST offers.?

SEOBOAST offer minimum of 3 months digital marketing contract and charge by monthly basis. We choose 3 months because digital marketing takes a lot of testing and campaign optimization to find winning one.

Although, if we talk about search engine rankings it takes minimum three month.

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