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Schema Markup Generator

  1. Choose the type of structured markup you’d like to create from the drop down on the left.
  2. Fill out the form on the left as much as possible.
  3. When complete, copy the newly generated JSON-LD on the right.
  4. Paste JSON-LD in the <head> section of your HTML document.
  5. Test implementation with the structured data testing tool.

About Schema Markup Generator

Boost your website's visibility and enhance its search engine optimization (SEO) with our powerful Schema Markup Generator. Whether you own a local business, run a news website, offer online courses, or sell products, this intuitive tool helps you effortlessly implement structured data markups on your website to enhance its online presence. Read on to discover how our Schema Markup Generator can simplify the process for each website type.

Local Business:

Our Schema Markup Generator specializes in generating markups for local businesses, ensuring that essential information like business address, phone number, operating hours, and customer reviews are accurately displayed in search engine results. Enhance your local SEO presence and attract more potential customers within your area.

News Websites:

For news websites seeking improved visibility and credibility, our Schema Markup Generator generates structured data markups that enable search engines to understand your content better. Highlight important details like article headlines, publish dates, authors, featured images, and article descriptions to ensure your news articles stand out in search results.


If you provide online courses or educational content, boost your website's visibility by generating structured data markups using our Schema Markup Generator. Showcase your course information, including course name, instructor, duration, pricing, and even student reviews. This helps search engines recognize your content as educational, driving more relevant traffic to your website.


For e-commerce websites, our Schema Markup Generator permits you to effortlessly generate structured data markups for your product listings. Display crucial details such as product name, price, availability, ratings, and reviews in search results, giving your products a competitive edge. Enjoy increased organic visibility and higher click-through rates.


Organizing an event? Our Schema Markup Generator can assist you in promoting and attracting more attendees. Generate structured data markups that showcase event dates, location, ticket prices, and event descriptions. Increase your chances of reaching your target audience and driving ticket sales.


Food bloggers and recipe websites can benefit from our Schema Markup Generator's ability to generate structured data markups for recipes. Display essential recipe details, including cooking time, ingredients, nutrition facts, and user ratings, in search results. Increase your website's visibility and entice more food enthusiasts to try your recipes.

With our Schema Markup Generator, implementing structured data markups for various website types becomes a hassle-free process. Boost your website's visibility, attract relevant traffic, and improve SEO with ease. Start utilizing the power of structured data today and watch your website's performance soar.