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In this post, I’ll explain to you, how you can disavow or remove bad and spammy backlinks that you or someone created for your website.

First, I tell you about my link-building case study.

I was trying to rank for the keyword “best root apps” I had created the content, done all the ON-Page stuff (Keyword, site speed & image ALT tag, etc), and started building backlinks and within two weeks it was ranked to the 38 positions in Google.

The SERPs were improving day by day as I was building backlinks daily and then suddenly my website page disappeared from the result, I thought it was normal but for weeks I can’t able to see my website page in the result [SERPs].

And I know I have created a bad or spammy backlink and here is what I have done to fix that issue.

Find and remove bad backlinks

1: I Used the Google Webmaster link tool, to discover bad backlinks.

2: Looked for sites that have too many external links and show adult ads on the site usually these are directory sites.

3: The bad sites can be easily identified by their domain name. In my case, it was an adult website directory.

4: Then I created the list of all spammy sites and list it in disavow file, this is a file that we’ll send to Google Disavow Tool for removing those links.

Go Disavow tool, choose the website that wants them to take action on, and then you have to submit the file.

disavow tool

How To Create Disavow File

Open your Windows or Mac text editor and include this text.

#Disavow links list for domain [Your Site Name], submitted on (30-09-2019)

Just simply replace with the links that you want to disavow.

Remember don’t include http// or www before the domain, only type the domain name for example: .

Save the file and upload it to the tool.

Tools to Discover bad backlinks:

  • Ahrefs – Paid Tool
  • Ubersuggest – Free Tool
  • Google webmaster link tool – Free

Final Thought,

Whatever you do just be careful, you might hurt your ranking if used incorrectly. So ensure to include only those links which seemed to be spammy.

Google will take action within one week or so, and those links will be removed completely.

That’s it…

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