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If you’re searching for sites to create quality backlinks, then this article is for you. You’ll improve your SERPs by building backlinks from these sites.

I will mention 28 sites in which you have to create a profile or either you have to guest post on these sites and you should know how to navigate websites.

High DA Sites For Backlinks

1: business.google.com
2: google.com/merchant-center
3: huffingtonpost.com
4: issuu.com
5: linkedin.com
6: mix.com
7: nytimes.com
8: reddit.com
9: vimeo.com
10: wordpress.org/showcase
11: youtube.com
12: about.me
13: answers.com
14: boingboing.net
15: business2community.com
16: dailymotion.com
17: digg.com
18: ehow.com
19: ezinearticles.com
20: fark.com
21: hubpages.com
22: indeed.com
23: investopedia.com
24: meetup.com
25: quora.com
26: news.ycombinator.com
27: slashdot.org
28: veoh.com

So these are some starter backlinks that you can build to boost your ranking in search engines. Bookmark this page because I’ll be updating it and will create a list up to 500.

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