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How To Do On-Page SEO For Your Website (2021)

In this post, I’ll only mention those tactics and techniques that are declared to be a ranking factor for on-page SEO by Google engineers.

On-page SEO is the first thing to do while trying to rank for a specific keyword. If you have optimized it well then you don’t need to do off-page SEO.

Many SEO experts don’t do off-page because they know they will rank only by on-page but if the competition is high enough, then it is required to build backlink which is an off-page strategy.

Note: This post will only explain you to optimize SEO for a specific page on your site, not for the whole site.

So let’s start the optimization process from the beginning of generating fresh content.

On-Page SEO Techniques

Discover Keyword / Content Idea

You have to discover a keyword for your content, so you can tell users and search engines bots about your content what’s the topic of the content.

If you’re a beginner you can simply start getting idea from Google Keyword Planner or Google recommend queries which appear at the bottom of the search page.

Only choose a keyword which is relevant to your content, I mean if a user searching for help then you should be providing the answer of that question despites, not showing him a product that you want to sell.

You should know this, there are three types of queries that the user makes on search engines:

1: Navigational: Searching for a location (.i.e Pizza hut location).

2: Transactional: Looking for a product to buy online (.i.e iPhone Buy)

3: Informational: Want to know the answer or want to learn (.i.e Best model of iPhone).

You got my point…?

So choosing the right keyword is one of the important factors to consider before generating content.

I hope you found the topic of the content.


Whatever you do, just make sure that your content is engaging because if not then all the strategies are not worthwhile.

Tips for writing content:

  • Write a minimum of 1000 words,
  • Use correct grammar.
  • Use words like (You and I) to engage the user and also don’t use difficult English words which only native can understand.
  • Make sure your content is for both search engine bots and users.
  • If you’re writing an article, then try to divide a paragraph into multiple sentences where it’s necessary.
  • Give the answer in your content and don’t just tell users to “do this and that”.

So once you wrote the content, it’s time to do some simple tweaks and no need to implement if you already have done it.

Keyword Prominence

Keyword prominences are the places where you have to place your targeted keyword to appear relevant to search engine bots.

The places are:

  • Meta title & meta description.
  • Articles starting and ending paragraph.
  • Image ALT tag.
  • In subheadings, if required.
  • Permalink (URL of the page).
  • If you use WordPress, then add a new tag with your targeted keyword.

So by adding keywords to these locations you’ll look relevant to the search engine and plus users.

Keep in mind don’t put your keyword throughout the article as this will look spammy and also it’s a sign of keyword stuffing which is a black-hat tactic.


Your content should be divided into multiple sub-heading and main heading. Only try to have one main heading which is H1, and after that go small to H2 then H3 if required H4 also.

Subheading tags should be relevant to main heading tag.

Users love subheadings because it gives them a break and a bit understanding of what coming next.

So if users love reading or watching content on your site then bounce rate will decrease and you’ll be rewarded with a higher ranking in search engine.

Image Alt Tag

This is 2019, and still, search engine bots have difficulty understanding images. Bots can’t understand what is the topic of the image.

That why image ALT attribute is developed to give crawlers an idea about the image and the content. So, describe the image in the ALT TAG.

Our goal is to not confuse search engine crawlers and that’s why we have to optimize every single aspect.


If you a video for the content which is related to the topic then, it’ll be a plus and search engines will consider it as a perfect content.

Host your video on your server or just upload it on Youtube and embed it in your content.

Tip: You can include this word “with video” in your meta title for better CTR.

Internal Linking

This is also the best tactic for On-PAGE SEO, if you have optimized it well you’ll definitely see a rank boost in SERPs.

Internal links are the links we create within the content to link other post or page.

By this search engines consider that content as having more rooms to go and think as a big house. You should only link to the relevant post in the content and not to un-relevant.

You can put the keyword in the anchor text of the link for better understanding of linking content and keyword should be relevant.

Don’t over optimize it with too many internal links, keep the content simple.


Permalink is a URL address which comes after the domain name.

You can create or edit this address but don’t edit it if your web page is live because it will lose ranking but if you do just make sure you redirect the new URL to old one.

You can place your desired keyword in the permalink and it should be descriptive.

Tip: Short URLs tends to outrank to those with long URLs, So make it short max 4 words.

Wrap Up!

Once you have implemented all these On-Page strategies you’re ready to be index in search page.

Wait for two weeks and then open your “Google Webmaster Tool” go to search performance and check if your keyword or page is appearing the result or being click.

If not, wait one more week than you definitely see you content ranking.

So that’s it, try these and wait you’ll see a good outcome of the effort.

SEO companies
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Top [4] SEO Companies in Dubai To Hire (2021)

Have you started your business in Dubai?. and are looking for a digital service to rank your website in search engines for getting more leads and customers or you found the ranking of your website is a difficult task.

Then, these 3 SEO agencies will definitely help to achieve your goals in the digital world with a less budget.

The fees of the digital agency doesn’t matter, only matters is that, will it really help you and your website to achieve success.

So I have dug some of the best SEO agencies to hire for your next project or your website.

Note: I’m not promoting any of these companies.

SEO Digital Marketing Companies Dubai


beontop SEO agency

I found good reviews about this company from different channels and also the great thing is you only pay when you see your keyword ranked in Google.

So in case, you don’t see your desired result, then the answer you just don’t pay.

Simply just enter your website and details and they will contact you and let you know the pricing.

SEO Sherpa

seosherpa agency

This is also a great agency with a good portfolio, you can see the result on their page about the ranking they have gained for their customers.

And just for your satisfaction try to check the same results on Google to prove that this a legit company.

This company has a basic plan of 3500 AED/Month and the result will be seen within 6 to 7 months or if you want boost you can pay more for Elite package which is 15000 AED/Month.


useo agency

UnitedSEO can also help you in other marketing channels such as (Facebook, Instagram and email marketing).

Just choose SEO, if you want to improve search engine appearance and enter your phone number so they can email or call you.

Though, you can discuss the pricing on the phone.


MACCUS, is a new SEO agency based in UAE, which helps clients grow there business globally, They have affordable pricings for small business those who are just starting online presense.

Just contact them to get quote.

My Thought,

So these are the 3 best SEO agencies to hire in Dubai, with the best pricing and results they provide.

If you plan to hire any other agency then only pay the agency after seeing the desired results and if any company says you to pay before the optimization then just delete that company from your brain.

And also note if the company had implemented blackhat SEO tactic on your website. Try to analysis where they are building backlinks for your site.

Try to get SEO audit from the agency to check which are weak points that they gonna improve.

remove bad backlinks
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How to Disavow or Remove Bad Backlinks

In this post, I’ll explain to you, how you can disavow or remove bad and spammy backlinks that you or someone created for your website.

First, I tell you my link building case study.

I was trying to rank for a keyword “best root apps” I had created the content, have done all the ON-Page stuff (Keyword, site speed & image ALT tag, etc) and started building backlinks and within two weeks it was ranked to 38 positions in Google.

The SERPs was improving day by day as I was building backlinks daily and then suddenly my website page disappeared from the result, I thought it would normal but for weeks I can’t be to see my website page in the result [SERPs].

And I know I have created a bad or spammy backlink and here what I have done to fix that issue.

Find and remove bad backlinks

1: I Used the Google Webmaster link tool, to discover bad backlinks.

2: Looked for sites which have too many external links and showing adult ads on the site usually these are directory sites.

3: The bad sites can be easily identified by their domain name. In my case it was a adult website directory.

4: Then I have created the list of all spammy sites and list it in disavow file, this is a file which we’ll send to Google Disavow Tool for removing those links.

Go Disavow tool, choose the website that wants them to take action on and then you have to submit the file.

disavow tool

How To Create Disavow File

Open your Windows or Mac text editor and include these text.

#Disavow links list for domain [Your Site Name], submitted on (30-09-2019)

Just simply replace the with your links that you want to disavow.

Remember don’t include http// or www before the domain, only type the domain name for example: .

Save the file and upload it to the tool.

Tools to Discover bad backlinks:

  • Ahrefs – Paid Tool
  • Ubersuggest – Free Tool
  • Google webmaster link tool – Free

Final Thought,

Whatever you do just be careful, you might hurt your ranking if used incorrectly. So ensure to include only those links which seemed to be spammy.

Google will take action within one week or so, and those link will be removed completely.

That’s it…

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