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Top 5 Best Paid SEO Tools plus a Recommendation

If you want to invest in the SEO business, you’ll have to pay for good tools to stay on the extra edge. These top 5 paid SEO tools which I’ll mention will definitely bring you money if you use it correctly.

So I’ll be listing 5 amazing search engine optimization tools below…

Best Paid SEO Tools


Ahrefs has been a great SEO tool for webmasters, many top bloggers use it. You can try competitor backlinks, keywords, and there top pages and site audit in this tool.

You can try it just for $7 dollar a week.

Monthly Plan & Pricing:

  • Lite – $99
  • Standard – $179


The majestic tool is known for best backlink checker, If you’re only focusing on link building then I recommend you to try this.

It will show report of daily lost and discovered backlinks and you can check which backlink is hurting your SEO effort and which are worthwhile.

Monthly Plan & Pricing:

  • Lite – $49.99
  • Pro – $99.99


Crazyegg is founded by Neil Patel and is a great tool for E-commerce websites. This tool will help in by showing what and where users are clicking or why they are leaving your site.

This tool is basically a heatmap, you will definitely increase your sale and plus can decrease your page bounce rate which will help you rank better.

Monthly Plan & Pricing:

  • Lite – $24
  • Standard – $49


Semrush is very similar to Ahrefs, so it depends on you which tool you like, I recommend you to check the design and navigation of each site and choose the one that looks easy to use.

Semrush is not only focused on SEO but also SMO (social media marketing) and PPC (pay per click)

So this means you get a lot of tools to use. although, you can first try it free by creating an account.

Monthly Plan & Pricing:

  • Pro – $99.95
  • Guru – $199.95

Longtail Pro

Keywords in SEO are the main aspects of getting free traffic from Google, but finding the right keywords for your content or site is difficult

If you try Google keyword planner it will show you keywords with a lot of monthly traffic but the competition on that keyword will be very high.

So if you want some decent traffic to your website, then must try targeting longtail keywords (keywords which are more then 3 words)

So I recommend you should try longtail pro to find low competitive keywords.

Monthly Plan & Pricing:

  • Starter – $25
  • Pro – $45

My Recommendation,

Don’t buy this tool if your site is new or you’re a beginner in SEO, I recommend you to have shared with someone on this tool.

How You Will Get Share Version of this tool?

Ans: There are some sites who are giving multiple users to use one tool together.

The sites are:

So try buying from these sites and you’ll be in profit and if you’re earning more than $3000/month from your site then you should buy it alone because it will be better to not get interrupted by another user using the tool at the same time.

free seo tools 2019
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Top 6 Free Online SEO Tools to Use in 2019

In this post, I’m about to mention the top 6 free SEO that I and many other professional webmasters use to make SEO easy.

This tool doesn’t require any kind of fees. So let me start with…

What are SEO Tools?

In every field, tools make human effort easy whether it’s a labor or a computer task.

So in digital marketing, there are few companies and great minds those who took action to make tools for us, So that we can achieve our goals.

Nevertheless, SEO tools make our marketing strategies easy by showing us competition in the market or by helping us spying on other websites links or keywords and many more!

Top 6 Free SEO Tools


Ubersuggest is a great free SEO tool offered by Neil Patel, Who is a UK citizen also have founded Kissmetrics, and Crazyegg.

Although, this tool offers almost everything that an SEO expert needs.

Things like: Keyword Ideas, Site Audit, Content Ideas, Competitor Top Pages, Competitor Backlinks, etc.


Gtmetrix is another online free SEO tool for checking your checking website speed.

As Google has said that, a website with a good loading time will outrank those with slow loading speed.

Good loading speed is under 3 secs, As you may know, that in today’s world online user want everything quicker. So a delay in 1 second can lose you several Dollars.

So try improving your website speed by using this tool, see what are the things that need improvement.


Serprobot is an online keyword position checker, which will definitely help in checking your google rankings.

You can create a free account here or you can use without creating an account just enter your keywords, your domain name and the country you’re targeting and then It will show you the position of your keywords in Google.

Google Webmaster Tool

This is the tool that every blogger or a webmaster must use because it will help you index your site quickly and will inform you about errors that need to be fixed.

Google has provided this tool for every webmaster for free. Best things to use in this tool are search performance, links, and URL inspection.

If your site is hacked, this tool will inform you and also shows you how you can fix it. Isn’t that awesome?…

Google Keyword Planner

This is also a must-have tool for every webmaster, by using this tool you can get keyword ideas plus their monthly volume, and competition.

Always choose low competition keywords for your content if you’re a beginner in SEO.

To use this tool you must have a Google account.


This site is offering a bunch of free SEO tools which can fulfill your SEO strategy. You’ll definitely like few of its tools.

No registration is required.

The bad thing about this site is that it shows to many advertisements which will interrupt your experience.

Wrap Up

Try using all of these SEO tools and see which one is perfect for your SEO needs. Just bookmark this page because I’ll be adding more great tools in the list.

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