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Best [18] Social Bookmarking Sites List For Linkbuilding [2019]

If you want to create everlasting links than social bookmarking sites are the one place that is under your control. You can edit or delete the link whenever you want.

You may be using one of these sites. So I will list the top social sites that can definitely boost your ranking in search engines.

You just have to create a profile on these networks by signing-up, and then link your website in the about section of the profile or post your website link in the news feed so by this users can visit your site.

Best Social Bookmarking Sites


My Thought,

Just go ahead and create profiles and link your site URL in the profile or either way post your blog URL on the newsfeed.

To get consistent traffic coming from these social sites, you have post daily on the newsfeed about your website.

high DA sites backlinks

[28] High DA Websites For Building Backlinks

If you’re searching for sites to create quality backlink, then this article is for you. You’ll improve your SERPs by building backlinks from these sites.

I will mention 28 sites in which you have to create a profile or either you have to guest post on these sites and you should know how to navigate websites.

High DA Sites For Backlinks


So these are some starter backlinks that you can build to boost your ranking in search engines. Bookmark this page because I’ll be updating it and will create a list up-to 500.

remove bad backlinks
Linkbuilding, Search Engine

How to Disavow or Remove Bad Backlinks

In this post, I’ll explain to you, how you can disavow or remove bad and spammy backlinks that you or someone created for your website.

First, I tell you my link building case study.

I was trying to rank for a keyword “best root apps” I had created the content, have done all the ON-Page stuff (Keyword, site speed & image ALT tag, etc) and started building backlinks and within two weeks it was ranked to 38 positions in Google.

The SERPs was improving day by day as I was building backlinks daily and then suddenly my website page disappeared from the result, I thought it would normal but for weeks I can’t be to see my website page in the result [SERPs].

And I know I have created a bad or spammy backlink and here what I have done to fix that issue.

Find and remove bad backlinks

1: I Used the Google Webmaster link tool, to discover bad backlinks.

2: Looked for sites which have too many external links and showing adult ads on the site usually these are directory sites.

3: The bad sites can be easily identified by their domain name. In my case it was a adult website directory.

4: Then I have created the list of all spammy sites and list it in disavow file, this is a file which we’ll send to Google Disavow Tool for removing those links.

Go Disavow tool, choose the website that wants them to take action on and then you have to submit the file.

disavow tool

How To Create Disavow File

Open your Windows or Mac text editor and include these text.

#Disavow links list for domain [Your Site Name], submitted on (30-09-2019)

Just simply replace the with your links that you want to disavow.

Remember don’t include http// or www before the domain, only type the domain name for example: .

Save the file and upload it to the tool.

Tools to Discover bad backlinks:

  • Ahrefs – Paid Tool
  • Ubersuggest – Free Tool
  • Google webmaster link tool – Free

Final Thought,

Whatever you do just be careful, you might hurt your ranking if used incorrectly. So ensure to include only those links which seemed to be spammy.

Google will take action within one week or so, and those link will be removed completely.

That’s it…

build backlinks
Linkbuilding, SEO

Top 3 Ways To Build Quality Backlinks For Your Website [2019]

Hello readers, if you’re confused about building backlinks for your website then you should read these ways that I use and many top marketers use to create backlinks.

Linkbuilding is a never-ending process you can make millions or billions of backlinks and it depends on you how many links you want to make

But always make sure that you create quality backlinks because if you create spamming backlinks from spammy site you’ll definitely get a penalty from Google’s algorithm (Penguin) and your site will be de-indexed from SERPs which is a total waste.

So I’ll list some ways that work in 2019 and will work in the future because these are only the legit ways to build backlinks.

3 Ways To Build Backlinks

1: Outreach

This is one of the best way to get quality link, these is how I do outreach:

1: First, I’ll search for the competitor in the Google result for my targeted keyword.

2: And I’ll copy the top ten websites URLs that appear in Google’s first page.

3: Then I’ll use free tool Ubersuggest, but if you have any paid tool you can use that, only if it provides backlink spying.

4: I will enter one of my competitor URL to check his/her sites backlinks.

5: Now you have the guidance, which backlinks have helped the competitor to rank and you can outreach to those website owners to link you as well because you have similar content.

That’s how I do outreach…

2: Social Bookmarking Sites

The links that you create from social sites will only not boost your DA but also your traffic will be coming day and night for free.

You just have to create profiles to these bookmarking sites and place a link to your website in the profile editing section.

I’ll include the sites here in the post soon but till then you can check here: Top Social Sites To Link.

3: GuestPosting

Another effective way to build quality backlink is guest posting, building quality link is a little hard task but you can do it if you have proper guidance.

In this, you will write content on someone’s website in exchange for a link and always remember, only guest post on similar websites related to web niche.

For example: if your website is about health-related then you should find a website that is health-related and not gaming website.

You can easily find the site for guest posting by searching “Guest posting sites” in Google.

Wrap Up!

If you follow these and start building the backlinks from these methods I can guarantee you that your website DA, PA, and SERPs will boost.

Start creating backlinks from now because somewhere in this world your competitor is building the links which will create trouble for you in the future so think out of the box.

And create backlinks only on high DA sites to rank quickly without having a penalty.

Focus on smartwork.

internal and external links
Linkbuilding, SEO

What is Internal and External Link in SEO

You may be confused about these types of links, But in this post, I’ll clear all the confusions which are in your brain.

What is a Link?

Ans: A link is a URL, you’ll create to redirect the user to a specific location on the website only when they click on the link.

What is Internal Link?

Ans: Internal link will only redirect users within your site, means you’re only saying visitors check your another post, article or image within your site.


  • Create more internal link as it will boost your SEO strategies.
  • Only link to relevant posts.
  • Include your keyword in anchor text for internal links
  • Don’t add rel=”nofollow” tag in internal links, as this is your own website.
  • Don’t link to irrelevant posts, as this is the sign of spamming in front of bots.

What is an External Link?

Ans: An External link is the opposite of internal link, it means you’re sending users to another website, which is not a part of your website.


  • Don’t create too many external links, as you’re saying robots to check this site instead of yours.
  • Add rel=”nofollow” tag in external link.
  • Only link to high DA sites if needed.

What is an Anchor Text?

Ans: Before you create links, you should know what is anchor text, basically, an anchor text is a text that appears on the link for example:

Ref: Neil Patel

Behind this text there’s actually a link that you’re point somewhere.

You can easily create anchor text in any CMS (WordPress, Wix, Weebly or blogger) by hovering over the text and pressing a link button mostly looks like a chain icon.

But if you’re doing it on HTML editor then you can add this tag: <a href=””>Anchor-text</a>

Wrap Up!

So this was a basic guidance from me about creating links, whether it’s an external or an internal link.

Whatever you do, just don’t overdo it. This is a tip from SEO experts. I mean don’t create too many links on a single page that it looks spammy.

backlink guide
Linkbuilding, SEO

What are backlinks in SEO Guide [2019]

If you have finished your On-Page SEO strategies and now wondering what is link building or what are backlinks then this is the right place to discover your lost treasure.

Let me just break it down.

What are Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are the links that you will create on other websites. A backlink is an important aspect of an Off-page SEO.

These backlinks can only be made after finishing On-Page SEO because link building (the process of creating backlinks) is all about promoting your website.

And you know promotion can only be made if the product is made, So without doing On-Page SEO, backlinks are not worthwhile.

There are two types of Backlinks:

Do-Follow: These are the backlinks which are only considered as a good backlink by google bots, and Do-Follow links can definitely boost your SERPs ranking.

These links are difficult to achieve but you can make it if you are doing everything with a plan.

No-Follow: You may have got the idea what is No-Follow link, these link doesn’t boost your ranking nor considered as a good backlink.

But if you’re creating No-Follow links from good sites like Wikipedia, Techcrunch, etc. this may improve your ranking.

How to know if the link you created is Do-follow or No-follow?

  • Just go to the site where you have created backlink
  • Press ctrl+U to see the coding of the page.
  • Search for your website URL by pressing ctrl+f.

And you’ll find your URL like this: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>My Site</a>

If your URL is displaying this attribute [rel=”nofollow”] after the URL, then this means it’s a no-follow link and if it doesn’t show then that means a healthy Do-Follow link.

How many Backlinks are required to rank my site quickly?

Search engines don’t see the quantity and only look for a quality link that you have made, 1 quality link = tons of shitty links.

So don’t rush while doing link building be like a turtle make backlink slowly and consistently day by day.

Don’t make too many backlinks in a day if you have a new website because search engines will think that you’re spamming and if you’re a brand or a well-ranked website you can make as much as you want.

Which website are good for linkbuiding?

Before creating backlink check if the website has good DA [Domain Authority] and also relevant to your site niche. High DA sites backlinks are worthwhile can boost your website in SERPs. quickly.

And if you see a website which is linking to many websites in it, just don’t create backlink there because those sites were created just for spamming.

Wrap Up!

This was the complete guide I have explain to you, link building is a never-ending task.

You can make millions of backlinks if those links are from spammy sites then you ain’t gonna rank and you may have got a penalty from Google Penguin Algo.

So choose wisely and be patient in link building.

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