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What is Internal and External Link in SEO

You may be confused about these types of links, But in this post, I’ll clear all the confusions which are in your brain.

What is a Link?

Ans: A link is a URL, you’ll create to redirect the user to a specific location on the website only when they click on the link.

What is Internal Link?

Ans: Internal link will only redirect users within your site, means you’re only saying visitors check your another post, article or image within your site.


  • Create more internal link as it will boost your SEO strategies.
  • Only link to relevant posts.
  • Include your keyword in anchor text for internal links
  • Don’t add rel=”nofollow” tag in internal links, as this is your own website.
  • Don’t link to irrelevant posts, as this is the sign of spamming in front of bots.

What is an External Link?

Ans: An External link is the opposite of internal link, it means you’re sending users to another website, which is not a part of your website.


  • Don’t create too many external links, as you’re saying robots to check this site instead of yours.
  • Add rel=”nofollow” tag in external link.
  • Only link to high DA sites if needed.

What is an Anchor Text?

Ans: Before you create links, you should know what is anchor text, basically, an anchor text is a text that appears on the link for example:

Ref: Neil Patel

Behind this text there’s actually a link that you’re point somewhere.

You can easily create anchor text in any CMS (WordPress, Wix, Weebly or blogger) by hovering over the text and pressing a link button mostly looks like a chain icon.

But if you’re doing it on HTML editor then you can add this tag: <a href=””>Anchor-text</a>

Wrap Up!

So this was a basic guidance from me about creating links, whether it’s an external or an internal link.

Whatever you do, just don’t overdo it. This is a tip from SEO experts. I mean don’t create too many links on a single page that it looks spammy.

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What are backlinks in SEO Guide [2019]

If you have finished your On-Page SEO strategies and now wondering what is link building or what are backlinks then this is the right place to discover your lost treasure.

Let me just break it down.

What are Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are the links that you will create on other websites. A backlink is an important aspect of an Off-page SEO.

These backlinks can only be made after finishing On-Page SEO because link building (the process of creating backlinks) is all about promoting your website.

And you know promotion can only be made if the product is made, So without doing On-Page SEO, backlinks are not worthwhile.

There are two types of Backlinks:

Do-Follow: These are the backlinks which are only considered as a good backlink by google bots, and Do-Follow links can definitely boost your SERPs ranking.

These links are difficult to achieve but you can make it if you are doing everything with a plan.

No-Follow: You may have got the idea what is No-Follow link, these link doesn’t boost your ranking nor considered as a good backlink.

But if you’re creating No-Follow links from good sites like Wikipedia, Techcrunch, etc. this may improve your ranking.

How to know if the link you created is Do-follow or No-follow?

  • Just go to the site where you have created backlink
  • Press ctrl+U to see the coding of the page.
  • Search for your website URL by pressing ctrl+f.

And you’ll find your URL like this: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>My Site</a>

If your URL is displaying this attribute [rel=”nofollow”] after the URL, then this means it’s a no-follow link and if it doesn’t show then that means a healthy Do-Follow link.

How many Backlinks are required to rank my site quickly?

Search engines don’t see the quantity and only look for a quality link that you have made, 1 quality link = tons of shitty links.

So don’t rush while doing link building be like a turtle make backlink slowly and consistently day by day.

Don’t make too many backlinks in a day if you have a new website because search engines will think that you’re spamming and if you’re a brand or a well-ranked website you can make as much as you want.

Which website are good for linkbuiding?

Before creating backlink check if the website has good DA [Domain Authority] and also relevant to your site niche. High DA sites backlinks are worthwhile can boost your website in SERPs. quickly.

And if you see a website which is linking to many websites in it, just don’t create backlink there because those sites were created just for spamming.

Wrap Up!

This was the complete guide I have explain to you, link building is a never-ending task.

You can make millions of backlinks if those links are from spammy sites then you ain’t gonna rank and you may have got a penalty from Google Penguin Algo.

So choose wisely and be patient in link building.

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Top 6 Free Online SEO Tools to Use in 2019

In this post, I’m about to mention the top 6 free SEO that I and many other professional webmasters use to make SEO easy.

This tool doesn’t require any kind of fees. So let me start with…

What are SEO Tools?

In every field, tools make human effort easy whether it’s a labor or a computer task.

So in digital marketing, there are few companies and great minds those who took action to make tools for us, So that we can achieve our goals.

Nevertheless, SEO tools make our marketing strategies easy by showing us competition in the market or by helping us spying on other websites links or keywords and many more!

Top 6 Free SEO Tools


Ubersuggest is a great free SEO tool offered by Neil Patel, Who is a UK citizen also have founded Kissmetrics, and Crazyegg.

Although, this tool offers almost everything that an SEO expert needs.

Things like: Keyword Ideas, Site Audit, Content Ideas, Competitor Top Pages, Competitor Backlinks, etc.


Gtmetrix is another online free SEO tool for checking your checking website speed.

As Google has said that, a website with a good loading time will outrank those with slow loading speed.

Good loading speed is under 3 secs, As you may know, that in today’s world online user want everything quicker. So a delay in 1 second can lose you several Dollars.

So try improving your website speed by using this tool, see what are the things that need improvement.


Serprobot is an online keyword position checker, which will definitely help in checking your google rankings.

You can create a free account here or you can use without creating an account just enter your keywords, your domain name and the country you’re targeting and then It will show you the position of your keywords in Google.

Google Webmaster Tool

This is the tool that every blogger or a webmaster must use because it will help you index your site quickly and will inform you about errors that need to be fixed.

Google has provided this tool for every webmaster for free. Best things to use in this tool are search performance, links, and URL inspection.

If your site is hacked, this tool will inform you and also shows you how you can fix it. Isn’t that awesome?…

Google Keyword Planner

This is also a must-have tool for every webmaster, by using this tool you can get keyword ideas plus their monthly volume, and competition.

Always choose low competition keywords for your content if you’re a beginner in SEO.

To use this tool you must have a Google account.


This site is offering a bunch of free SEO tools which can fulfill your SEO strategy. You’ll definitely like few of its tools.

No registration is required.

The bad thing about this site is that it shows to many advertisements which will interrupt your experience.

Wrap Up

Try using all of these SEO tools and see which one is perfect for your SEO needs. Just bookmark this page because I’ll be adding more great tools in the list.

seo keyword guide

What are Keywords in SEO

If you’re confused what are keywords in SEO (search engine optimization) then this article is for you. Let’s just start with:

What are Keywords?

Keywords in SEO are terms and phrases which we type in GOOGLE to search for something for example:

So you see in the photo “bitcoin investment” is the keyword which a random user is searching and if you want to rank your website for this keyword, you have to include this keyword in your website content.

By adding keywords in our website, we give search engines a single of what type of content this is and what we’re targeting.

Types of Keywords:

Short Keyword: These keywords are no more than 2 to 3 word .i.e: “bitcoin investment” and these short terms are difficult to rank in Google because of its high competition.

Long-Tail: The keyword which is more than 3 words are called long-tail keywords .i.e: “how to invest in bitcoin without loss” as you see in the example long-tail keywords are almost a sentence.

An interesting thing about long-tail keyword is, you can easily rank your website in SERP (search engine result page)

Keyword Research Tool Free

Before creating content you have to research for the keyword that you’ll include in your content afterward.

All you have to discover in the keyword research tool is new keyword ideas, keyword monthly traffic, and competition.

You can use these tools:

Both of these tools are free!

Keyword Prominence

This is the main part where you’ll implement all your discovered keyword in the page content. Keyword prominences are the position and places where an SEO analyst include keywords.

Places are:

  • Meta Title & Description
  • Heading tag [H1, H2 & H3]
  • Article’s first & last paragraph
  • Permalink (URL of the article)
  • Image Alt Tag

After adding your keywords to these places, your article is reading to be an index on the focused keyword.

Tip: You can include two similar keywords in your content to get more traffic from search engine just make one primary keyword and the other as a secondary keyword.

Wrap Up!

Just follow this guide and just wait for your keyword ranking in Google and if you don’t see any result with-in 2 weeks, please check with other SEO On-page factors, you probably be missing any of them.

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