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If you have finished your On-Page SEO strategies and now wondering what is link building or what are backlinks then this is the right place to discover your lost treasure.

Let me just break it down.

What are Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are the links that you will create on other websites. A backlink is an important aspect of an Off-page SEO.

These backlinks can only be made after finishing On-Page SEO because link building (the process of creating backlinks) is all about promoting your website.

And you know promotion can only be made if the product is made, So without doing On-Page SEO, backlinks are not worthwhile.

There are two types of Backlinks:

Do-Follow: These are the backlinks that are only considered good backlinks by Google bots, and Do-Follow links can definitely boost your SERPs ranking.

These links are difficult to achieve but you can make it if you are doing everything with a plan.

No-Follow: You may have got an idea of what is No-Follow link, these link doesn’t boost your ranking nor but still in some ways boost rankings said by experts.

But if you’re creating No-Follow links from good sites like Wikipedia, Techcrunch, etc. this may improve your ranking.

How to know if the link you created is Do-follow or No-follow?

  • Just go to the site where you have created a backlink
  • Press ctrl+U to see the coding of the page.
  • Search for your website URL by pressing ctrl+f.

And you’ll find your URL like this: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>My Site</a>

If your URL is displaying this attribute [rel=”nofollow”] after the URL, then this means it’s a no-follow link, and if it doesn’t show then that means a healthy Do-Follow link.

How many Backlinks are required to rank my site quickly?

Search engines don’t see the quantity and only look for a quality link that you have made, 1 quality link = tons of shitty links.

So don’t rush while doing link building be like a turtle and make backlinks slowly and consistently day by day.

Don’t make too many backlinks in a day if you have a new website because search engines will think that you’re spamming and if you’re a brand or a well-ranked website you can make as much as you want.

Which websites are good for link building?

Before creating backlinks check if the website has good DA [Domain Authority] and is also relevant to your site niche. High DA sites backlinks are worthwhile and can boost your website in SERPs. quickly.

And if you see a website that is linking to many websites in it, just don’t create backlinks there because those sites were created just for spamming.

Wrap Up!

This was the complete guide I have explained to you, link building is a never-ending task.

You can make millions of backlinks if those links are from spammy sites then you ain’t gonna rank and you may have got a penalty from Google Penguin Algo.

So choose wisely and be patient in link building.

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