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Submit Your Website To Search Engines [2021]

So you created your website and looking for a way on how to submit website to search engines to gain organic visitors for free daily.

In this post, I’ll mention a few top search engine which has billions of traffic searching for queries, and those are (Google, Yahoo, and Yandex).

I’ll just explain you one method of submitting your site and you just implement the same steps on other search engines tool.

Google, Bing, and Yandex

To submit your site to these search engines, you simply have to visit:

Choose the one you want to start with, and do the sign-up if you don’t have an account. Add your site to the search engine, and verify the site by the given verification methods.

google webmaster

Choose “HTML-Tag” method as this looks very effective to me and Remember, all search engines have the same process and methods (check the above image).

Just add this TAG into your website HTML header.

And now you have added your site to these search engines, but if you want your site URLs to index quickly and accurately then you have to submit “XML Sitemap” to these search engines.

To add “XML Sitemap” URL to the webmaster you need to create it first on your site end.

For WordPress users they can install Yoast plugin and navigate to SEO>>General>>Features>> and enable the XML sitemap option.

After enabling, click the “See the XML sitemap” link and new window tab will open. like this:

Just copy the URL and add to Sitemap URL in webmaster and within few days the robots will crawl your site and index it according to its quality of SEO.

After submitting to these major search engines, now if want you can also submit to minor search engines which will send you some free traffic.

So that’s all, This is how you can submit your website to search engines easily. Submit your site to search engines only if your site is ready.

Because this will help search engines to know what niche is your website in.

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Best [18] Social Bookmarking Sites List For Linkbuilding [2019]

If you want to create everlasting links than social bookmarking sites are the one place that is under your control. You can edit or delete the link whenever you want.

You may be using one of these sites. So I will list the top social sites that can definitely boost your ranking in search engines.

You just have to create a profile on these networks by signing-up, and then link your website in the about section of the profile or post your website link in the news feed so by this users can visit your site.

Best Social Bookmarking Sites


My Thought,

Just go ahead and create profiles and link your site URL in the profile or either way post your blog URL on the newsfeed.

To get consistent traffic coming from these social sites, you have post daily on the newsfeed about your website.

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[28] High DA Websites For Building Backlinks

If you’re searching for sites to create quality backlink, then this article is for you. You’ll improve your SERPs by building backlinks from these sites.

I will mention 28 sites in which you have to create a profile or either you have to guest post on these sites and you should know how to navigate websites.

High DA Sites For Backlinks


So these are some starter backlinks that you can build to boost your ranking in search engines. Bookmark this page because I’ll be updating it and will create a list up-to 500.

remove bad backlinks
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How to Disavow or Remove Bad Backlinks

In this post, I’ll explain to you, how you can disavow or remove bad and spammy backlinks that you or someone created for your website.

First, I tell you my link building case study.

I was trying to rank for a keyword “best root apps” I had created the content, have done all the ON-Page stuff (Keyword, site speed & image ALT tag, etc) and started building backlinks and within two weeks it was ranked to 38 positions in Google.

The SERPs was improving day by day as I was building backlinks daily and then suddenly my website page disappeared from the result, I thought it would normal but for weeks I can’t be to see my website page in the result [SERPs].

And I know I have created a bad or spammy backlink and here what I have done to fix that issue.

Find and remove bad backlinks

1: I Used the Google Webmaster link tool, to discover bad backlinks.

2: Looked for sites which have too many external links and showing adult ads on the site usually these are directory sites.

3: The bad sites can be easily identified by their domain name. In my case it was a adult website directory.

4: Then I have created the list of all spammy sites and list it in disavow file, this is a file which we’ll send to Google Disavow Tool for removing those links.

Go Disavow tool, choose the website that wants them to take action on and then you have to submit the file.

disavow tool

How To Create Disavow File

Open your Windows or Mac text editor and include these text.

#Disavow links list for domain [Your Site Name], submitted on (30-09-2019)

Just simply replace the with your links that you want to disavow.

Remember don’t include http// or www before the domain, only type the domain name for example: .

Save the file and upload it to the tool.

Tools to Discover bad backlinks:

  • Ahrefs – Paid Tool
  • Ubersuggest – Free Tool
  • Google webmaster link tool – Free

Final Thought,

Whatever you do just be careful, you might hurt your ranking if used incorrectly. So ensure to include only those links which seemed to be spammy.

Google will take action within one week or so, and those link will be removed completely.

That’s it…

what is keyword stuffing in SEO

What is Keyword Stuffing in SEO [Explained]

SEO keywords can be singular words or complex phrases that are utilized in websites for attracting relevant and organic search traffic. When effectively optimized and researched, keywords act as a means for your target viewers to locate the content most appropriate on your website.

Keyword stuffing is when somebody tries to artificially enhance the ranking of a page in the results of the search and driving additional traffic to the site by inserting a huge number of keywords into meta tags and web content.

Usually, these keywords emerge in a group or list or not in context.

Search engines know when keywords are unusually distributed in the meta tags or all through the content of a website. If similar keywords follow each other very closely, the website will be downgraded by the search engine and then it will be moved to a low position in search results.

Keyword stuffing is usually utilized for driving traffic to malicious or fraudulent websites.

Keyword stuffing is a technique of search engine optimization (SEO), considered spamdexing or webspam. In this, loading of keywords is done into the meta tags, backlink anchor text or visible content of a web page in trying to get an unjust rank benefit in search engines.

It may result in a website being penalized or banned on main search engines either temporarily or permanently.

The recurrence of words in meta tags could explain why several search engines no longer utilize these tags.

Several main search engines have put into operation algorithms that identify keyword stuffing, and lessen or remove any unfair search benefit that the tactic could have proposed to gain.

Usually, they will also demote, penalize or take out websites from their indexes implementing keyword stuffing.

Don’t surrender to the lure of stuffing your website completely with keywords in trying to make your rankings better. The outcome will be exactly contrary to what you are attempting to accomplish.

It is better if you write content that is good and relevant that search engines and humans will love.

Tips To Evade Keyword Stuffing

The simplest way to evade keyword stuffing is producing rich content which will be helpful to the end-user that reads as expected.

Even though your content must certainly feature your keywords, they must not be incorporated outside the context to the reader.

There are varied opinions about keyword density, however, as a rule, attempt avoiding repetition and include only keywords that apply to what subject your web page has.

Including keywords with a long tail is an excellent way to avoid repetition. For utmost SEO value, insert keywords in title tags, heading, meta descriptions, and in the foremost paragraph of your content.

Once you are sure that keywords are in these places you can concentrate on writing good genuine content.

In simple terms, the best means to evade keyword stuffing is forgetting that it exists, and instead concentrating on making content that is of interest to the reader and that highlights your major keyword naturally.

build backlinks
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Top 3 Ways To Build Quality Backlinks For Your Website [2019]

Hello readers, if you’re confused about building backlinks for your website then you should read these ways that I use and many top marketers use to create backlinks.

Linkbuilding is a never-ending process you can make millions or billions of backlinks and it depends on you how many links you want to make

But always make sure that you create quality backlinks because if you create spamming backlinks from spammy site you’ll definitely get a penalty from Google’s algorithm (Penguin) and your site will be de-indexed from SERPs which is a total waste.

So I’ll list some ways that work in 2019 and will work in the future because these are only the legit ways to build backlinks.

3 Ways To Build Backlinks

1: Outreach

This is one of the best way to get quality link, these is how I do outreach:

1: First, I’ll search for the competitor in the Google result for my targeted keyword.

2: And I’ll copy the top ten websites URLs that appear in Google’s first page.

3: Then I’ll use free tool Ubersuggest, but if you have any paid tool you can use that, only if it provides backlink spying.

4: I will enter one of my competitor URL to check his/her sites backlinks.

5: Now you have the guidance, which backlinks have helped the competitor to rank and you can outreach to those website owners to link you as well because you have similar content.

That’s how I do outreach…

2: Social Bookmarking Sites

The links that you create from social sites will only not boost your DA but also your traffic will be coming day and night for free.

You just have to create profiles to these bookmarking sites and place a link to your website in the profile editing section.

I’ll include the sites here in the post soon but till then you can check here: Top Social Sites To Link.

3: GuestPosting

Another effective way to build quality backlink is guest posting, building quality link is a little hard task but you can do it if you have proper guidance.

In this, you will write content on someone’s website in exchange for a link and always remember, only guest post on similar websites related to web niche.

For example: if your website is about health-related then you should find a website that is health-related and not gaming website.

You can easily find the site for guest posting by searching “Guest posting sites” in Google.

Wrap Up!

If you follow these and start building the backlinks from these methods I can guarantee you that your website DA, PA, and SERPs will boost.

Start creating backlinks from now because somewhere in this world your competitor is building the links which will create trouble for you in the future so think out of the box.

And create backlinks only on high DA sites to rank quickly without having a penalty.

Focus on smart work.

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